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October 31, 2008

We just wrapped up working on a home in La Jolla. Our client needed their electical issues to be fixed and wanted a new room for their baby on the way.

We finished the job in less than two weeks allowing the couple to begin decorating their new baby room.

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A Fix That Lasts

Around since 1991, Sturdy Fix has been fixing problems for almost 20 years. Sturdy Fix offers a wide variety of "Handy Man" services that range from fixing a clogged sink to remodeling a bedroom.

We are the one stop shop when it comes to any solutions needed for your home. We have a complete range of services to fix your problem now.

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Sturdy Fix prides itself on its "Fix Anything Guarantee". We guarantee that our team of specialists can fix any problem in your house.

We have yet to come across a problem that we can't fix. With our team of varied home specialists, we have always provided a lasting fix to the most vexing of problems.

Do you have a leak in your ceiling that no one has been able to fix? We can fix it. Are your circuits fried in your house and you have no power? We can fix it.

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